KOLAŠINSKA 21, 2015.

Location: Kolašinska 21, Beograd, Srbija

Contractor: Dobrila Miljković 

Year: 2015.


This building was undertaken in the part of the city of Belgrade characteristic for its urbanism of high density and small plots. The existing building and site of the new extension are located at the bottom of the small plot measuring 200sqm.

In response to the specific restraint due to the proximity of the existing buildings on the site, the new building is organised vertically with double aspect, towards the internal courtyard and towards the street.

New building occupies half of the plot with remainder organised as communal garden with separate entrances to the two independent residential units.

New house is split over 4 stories. Living areas, located at the ground and first floors, benefit from double height and south orientation towards the street while the sleeping quarter occupies 3rd floor benefitting from the easterly orientation and overlooking the garden. Last floor is arranged as an office space with direct access to the roof terrace with long reaching panoramic views over the park and the church.

The building has regular almost sculptural cubic form that dominates the city area with its purist expression.