Tetovska, 2017.

Coauthor: Jovan Mitrović

Location: Tetovska 73, Belgrade, Serbia

Contractor: Kosta Glušica 

Year: 2017.


The buiding is located on the south slope of the Pasha Hill amongst the recently built multifamily residential buildings and smaller family dwellings. Architectural and functional concept draws on the locational context and ambiental values of the wider area. The building is half-atrium in shape with habitable spaces facing the couryard on the one side and defined by the high cyprus trees on the other. The building is configured as a free monolithic volume on top of jagged rectangular plan. During the summer months, the central spaces of the internal atrium and shaded back of house areas merge with living quarters adding new quality to the building. Big glazed areas open towards the atrium and freely interact with lush vegetation offering dynamic visual exchange and experience.

Requirement for volumetric differentiation of the spaces is resolved by asigning different heights in relation to and proportionally to the space areas with difference in height taken by the central staircase that becomes a ramp on the last floor. Visual dynamics of the space is further enhanced by the play of shadows and light during daytime.